Cats and Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

At Diamond's we happily cater for dogs and cats of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Generally we like to keep small and large dogs separated from each other so as not to overwhelm some of our tinier visitors. If however you wish for your smaller dog to associate with the larger dogs, we are usually more than happy to cater for this.

Large Dogs

For the larger dogs, we have spacious open air-kennels with a cozy inside sleeping cubicle. The dogs can choose to be lazing around inside on their hammock beds, or enjoying the sunshine and socialising with a neighbour. All these kennels are draught free and bedding is supplied.

Small Dogs

Smaller dogs sleep in a fully enclosed kennel area at night and are allowed to run in one of our many sand or grass exercise yards during the day. All bedding is supplied in the form of a hammock bed or soft foam bed.

Feline Friends

Cats lucky enough to be staying at Diamond's have the luxury of spending their time lazing about in an actual house! Warm and inviting in winter and air-conditioned in summer, these pampered pusses can curl up in their very own cat-cubby or bask in the morning sun.

A safe home away from home for animals

OFF PEAKPrices for Accommodation

Cats $26 per night
Small Dogs
(Jack Russell, Shih Tzu, Fox Terrier)
$35 per night
Medium dog
(labrador,Golden Retreiver, Greyhound)
$40-$45) per night
Large Dogs
(incl Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, American Staffy )
$45-$50 per night
Xtra Large Dogs
$50-$55 per night
English Staffies  $40 per night
Great Danes Unable to accomodate
Optional Bath $25-$40 Extra depending on size
Please Note: Peak holiday periods (December 15th - January 31st),  Easter, Long Weekends & School holidays will incur a $2 Surcharge per night per pet.
Public Holidays: Drop off/Pick up & boarding on Public Holidays will incur a $15 surcharge
Please be advised that any crossbreeds may need to be seen before we can assign a price. All animals that have not been de-sexed will incur a $1 surcharge per night.
We advise that no animal will be accepted into the kennel without a current vaccination certificate. Dogs require a minimum C5 vaccination and Cats require a minimum F3 vaccination. Vaccinations must be administered at least 10 days prior to boarding.   All kenneling is done so at the risk of the owner.